Memories Made

Our group of 26 (including 16 kids) filled the Dales to capacity on a recent weekend getaway - and we loved every second of it! From hilarious chats around the roaring fire to a delicious shared lamb roast dinner, it's fair to say that memories were made that will be hard to forget.

During the weekend we relived our many thrills and spills, discussed the merits and pitfuls of each trail and watched the youngest kids begin to learn and get excited about riding. But, some of the best moments also happened OFF the bikes.

- Kids playing card games together (and staying away from devices.)

- Adults preparing food, doing the dishes & laughing together (and staying away from devices.)

- Falling asleep to blossom-covered trees bathed in moonlight

- Waking up to the tranquil sound of the river just metres away (ah, the serenity.)

The Dales is stylishly finished and very well designed - but it's not the building that's the hero. It's the memories that were made in it.

We'll be back!
Abe and Hanna Udy and friends