My 32nd Birthday!

We had the most amazing time at the Dales of Derby, where I went with a large group of friends to celebrate my 32nd birthday. It was so much fun. Everywhere you went there were places to sit and chat with people The kitchen was alive with people making food but somehow there was enough room for everything. In the morning after my birthday we got up and sat in the large main room in front of a blazing fire, looking out at trees, leafless but every branch shining with frost. I think one of the highlights was standing at the rivers edge, as many people did that weekend, enjoying watching platypus bubbles stream up from the riverbed, and every now and then, a shiny bobbing body surfacing. Some people went biking (not I, I want to stay alive thank you!) and had a blast, and others sat around playing with kids and drinking endless cups of tea. We went for a magical visit to Mt Paris Dam, and played in the rock pools. It was an absolutely amazing time.

After everyone went home, my husband and little boy stayed for a little while longer, just soaking up the quiet. It really is an amazing place to stay.
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