The Very First Dales of Derby Story

The first Dales of Derby story we should share is our own! Who are we and why did we create this space for families and friends to gather and create magical moments to share for years to come? And why Derby?

Firstly, let us introduce ourselves, we’re Martin & Margaret Dingemanse, and the idea for the Dales of Derby stemmed from the difficulty we had in tracking down quality accommodation for a large group for a family gathering. We were looking for somewhere comfortable and modern, but affordable. A place to come together and really connect – not just with each other, but with nature and adventure. And guess what? We couldn’t find anywhere! So, we decided to build it ourselves!

Derby was selected as it’s where we have childhood memories of our own. Not only that, but now that Derby has been transformed into the base of world-class mountain biking experiences, this formerly sleepy township has been brought to life.

many of the images you see around the website are from a visit our own family had to the site – before the building was even completed. They show one day of joy and laughter our extended family spent together in this enchanting place. Exploring the bush by the river, picnicking, biking the trails of Blue Derby, fishing and then gathering around the campfire to toast marshmallows and tell stories of our explorations and discoveries.

“Welcome to the Dales! We hope you enjoy your stay and add some fabulously tall tales to your family legends.”
Martin & Margaret