The Dales of Derby's first 2 Awards!

The Barry McNeill Award For Sustainable Architecture

Award Jury Citation:

“On a steep block of land between the main road and the Ringarooma River, Dales Of Derby is a well-mannered and beautifully detailed building. The building is naturally ventilated and the heavily insulated envelope is warmed by passive solar gain. Solar photovoltaics on the roof provide electricity for use during the day and power an efficient heat pump hot water system that stores hot water in a series of cylinders under the building. The reliance on natural and renewable materials contribute to the cosy and yet pared-back aesthetic. The result is an intriguing exemplar for future sustainable tourism development in the region.”

Award For Commercial Architecture

Award Jury Citation:

“Over the last few years the small town of Derby in northeast Tasmania has experienced exponential growth in visitor numbers as the town has transformed into a world-class, international mountain biking destination. On a steep grassy bank, a long, linear, gabled form stretches along the contours, providing accommodation for these mountain bikers. The building, clad in vertical band-sawn Tasmanian Oak and galvanised steel cladding, is both familiar and curious. Details and invention driven by economy abound, interspersed with moments of irreverence and bold use of colour, while built-in furniture, joinery and other bespoke elements have a beautifully simple, workmanlike quality to their design and resolution.”