Everything You Need to Know About Tasmania’s Free $100 Travel Vouchers

Tassie’s tourism department confirmed today that free travel money is coming your way. Woop woop! That’s not a typo. The government is truly giving away travel money to give the state’s tourism sector a helping hand.

Individuals can claim $100 for accommodation and/or $50 towards a tourism experience, while families can claim up to $550. The funding is for accommodation and experiences during September, October and November of this year, Sunday-Thursday (that is, excluding Fridays and Saturdays).

Can you claim this money off a stay at the Dales?

You certainly can! And we’d love it if you did. Go ahead and book us in. We’re anticipating a surge of activity thanks to this great new initiative.

Can you claim it on a stay already booked?


How does it work?

From September 7 people will be able to register for a voucher that enables them to claim back money spent on accommodation and/or experiences. So, you’ll spend your own money and then claim it back later. Capiche? We’re thinking it’ll be worth your while to keep all the paperwork of your tourism adventures so that the registration process is easy-peasy.

What kind of accommodation does it apply to?

We had a look on the website and it confirms that the voucher applies to apartments, backpacker and hostels, bed and breakfasts, cabins or caravans in holiday parks, cottages, farm stays, holiday houses, motels, hotels, resorts, retreats and lodges. The Dales definitely fits the bill!

Are there an unlimited number of vouchers?

No. On this matter, there’s not a whole lot of info that we could clap our eyes on, but the answer is a firm no. Worth your while to hop to it quicksmart.

Where can I find out more information?

Information is still being rolled out, but there’s a great FAQ section on the Make Yourself At Home travel voucher page.

Get out there Tassie people! Take the opportunity to explore this wonderful state we live in and support the tourism operators hit hard by COVID-19 this year. We’ll certainly be doing our bit. Happy travels!
Margaret & Martin, Dales of Derby