Cooking for a tribe

And we have many years of experience cooking for a tribe of people, children and adults alike, with hearty appetites. Which is why we’re giving you three downright simple meals that will not only feed the masses, but tick your deliciousness checkbox too. Tasty food is a must on any holiday, and it doesn’t have to be sacrificed for the sake of an easy meal option.

Pulled pork wraps

Bring your slow cooker. This tasty dish can be bubbling away while you’re out playing, exploring, relaxing. Then, with minimal preparation, dinner is served!

We love this recipe for the slow-cooked pork as it’s not loaded with sugar like many pulled pork recipes, but still has that sweet, smokey, sticky flavour that makes it so irresistible. It serves 10, so adjust the recipe according to the number in your tribe.

Once you’ve got the pork in the cooker, it’s all about the accompaniments:

  • Serve it on wraps or rolls or bao buns or Turkish pita or flatbread or in tacos.
  • Add salad, either a store-bought coleslaw (no one’s judging!) or a mixture of your favourites; shredded lettuce, avo, tomato, grated carrot, hard boiled eggs...
  • Condiments maketh the wrap. Set the table with a good range of sauces: BBQ, plum, mayo, sriracha, sweet chilli, to name a few.
  • The extras. These flavours are great with something that cuts through, like jalapenos or pickles.

BBQ Lovin’

The Dales has a crowd-friendly barbecue area, and you really would be missing out if you didn’t take full advantage of this humming heart of the accommodation. For a BBQ meal that’s hands-on and sure to suit all appetites, you can’t go past a burger with the lot. Make your burgers ahead of time, or head to your local butcher. And then, start building:

  • The Bun. Not keen on plain ol’ burger buns? Try brioche, Turkish bread, thick slices of sourdough or none at all (a ‘deconstructed’ burger!)
  • The Lot. Fried eggs, leaves (lettuce? Spinach? Rocket?), tomato slices, cheese (Cheddar? Gruyere? Brie?), beetroot, caramelised onion, pineapple, pickles, bacon… you get the idea. The more the choices, the more the fun!

The Sauce. We said before that condiments maketh the wrap but, in reality, condiments maketh any meal. Bring out alllll the sauces. Experiment. Grab that chipotle mayo you’ve been eyeing off at the supermarket. Raid the fridge of satay, chilli, chimichurri and nan’s homemade chutney. Bring it all. And if you need some burger inspo, check out this list, which includes some creative vegetarian options.


Did you see Margaret’s roast lamb recipe? It’s the one titled Once You Try This Lamb Roast Recipe, You Won’t Cook It Any Other Way. Nuff said! Give it a whirl. Another fantastic recipe for table-loads of people. Serve it with a salad and a few trays of roasted vegetables and voila! Here it is.

Still not convinced?

Well, there’s always The Hub for top notch woodfired pizzas, and The Dorset Hotel for classic pub fare. The take-home is this: don’t be put off by the preparation. There’s always a simple solution. And anyway, many hands make light work — when you remember to delegate!