Dads and their lads at the Dales

Hey Phil! Tell us about you and Zac:

I’m a big outdoors man. I love trail running and, when I can, I get away into the remote (and steep!) parts of Tassie’s majestic wilderness. I’m married to Bec and we have four kids aged from six to sixteen. Zac’s my oldest and only son, and his favourite things are hanging with his mates and gaming. Yeah, so our interests don’t always overlap. Haha. But I love him to bits and am so proud of the kind-hearted young man of integrity he has grown into.

Why just the dads and their sons for this Derby trip?

It was a great opportunity to spend quality time with Zac and the others, and where better than the Dales and the Blue Derby trails. We know each other through soccer club connections, so this trip allowed for the dads to develop and deepen friendships, and the sons to do the same. All in all some top quality "bloke" time together.

What was the best bit?

Hitting the Blue Derby trails with the boys was awesome fun. Some of the Dads bit off more than they could chew when it came to riding the trails; the boys have their youthful energy, whereas some of us dads just don't have the fitness these days! But simply hanging out together at the Dales was wonderful too. Good food, a few beers, and good blokes made for a memorable time!

What was the worst bit?

Having to go home LOL!

Do you do prioritise one-on-one time with your kids often?

We do have a tradition that we've developed in our family where, on the 6, 12, and 18 year birthday milestones, Bec and I take the child away for an overnight bushwalking trip. It’s been amazing so far. Our kids have come back feeling so valued, and with a significant childhood memory that I have no doubt they will draw on for the rest of their lives. When you have a larger family, I think it’s important to give each child the opportunity to be heard, valued and loved. This is how we do it.

How do you rate Derby and the Dales?

A brilliant spot to settle in for a night or two (or more!) with your favourite people.

Wrap up of the Dads and lads trip in one word?