Bike care tips with Marty

Dales of Derby frontman Martin Dingemanse (affectionately known as Marty) has made good use of the trails in and around Derby. Safe to say, he’s learnt (sometimes the hard way!) how important it is to take care of your mountain bike. Here, Marty has listed six tips to stay on top of your mountain bike maintenance.

1. Wash and dry your bike after a day on the trails.

Don’t leave it muddy and wet! Who knows what’s kicking around in that mud, and how it will eat away at your bike’s shine. In winter especially, make sure your bike dries off completely, every day.

2. Clean your chain.

If you’ve been riding on wet trails, you’ll need to clean and dry your chain (use a rag) and then re-oil it.

3. Use good quality tools.

Good quality tools make for a good quality job done. And don’t be tempted to over-tighten bolts. Why? They will strip, and then you’ll be in a world of pain. Unfortunately it’s a common mistake, especially on high end, light bike frames. You’ve been warned!

4. Lube, but not there!

If you lube your bike, keep the spray away from your rear disc brake. Again, it’s a common mishap and it will result in your brakes not doing their (very important) job as quickly or effectively.

5. Mind your pedals.

If you need to remove or swap over your pedals, be sure to clean the thread and use a little bit of grease before putting them back on. This is especially important for those who change their pedals regularly.

6. Don’t lose your wheels.

Maintain your bike’s front and rear axles, because these are the important bits that stop your wheels coming off. Take them out, clean them and use a little grease on the shaft and locking mechanism.

Let Dales help with that.

We have a toolbox with all the basic tools in our bike shed. We also have a bike pump and stand. But make sure you know your own bike and its unique needs before you set off. For example, the right lube and grease for the right part of your bike, and even time of the year (it’s a thing!). And if you get stuck, we can’t speak highly enough of our local mountain bike experts over at Vertigo and Evolution.