10 reasons you should absolutely visit Derby

1. It’s a history buff’s paradise.

Derby has a unique and intriguing past. Take the time to pop into the Derby Schoolhouse Museum (on the main road) and get your head around how this entire town was the home of a tin mining community and was washed away when a dam broke.

2. A perfectly charming township.

The town itself has become a tourist hotspot, true, yet it hasn’t lost its charm. There is a smattering of coffee and specialty shops, there’s The Hub for lunch and dinner (which has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor!), and the Dorset Hotel (also 5 stars!) if you want to meet the locals and keep up with the gossip.

3. The Derby Tunnel.

Head past the entrance to the Blue Derby Trails, across the bridge and take the path from the carpark that follows the Cascade River. This short, easy track will lead you to a feat of engineering mastery. The tunnel has recently been cleared so you can walk or ride all the way through, and with some funky lighting too. Gumboots are worthwhile though. Look for the glow worms, and discover who dug this tunnel, and why!

4. A mountain biking track to please everyone.

It’s rare you find a trail that pleases everyone, but that’s precisely what The Pump Track does.

Beginners and Advanced bikers love it all the same, for gaining some skills or just debriefing and getting lost in the flow. Give it a go.

5. Briseis Lake.

Gorgeous spot. Absolutely gorgeous. Walk or ride around it, swim or kayak in it, or simply sit on its banks and daydream. Did we mention how gorgeous it is?

6. A river-eye view.

The Ringarooma River runs straight through Derby. We suggest you explore it like this. Start at the front of the Dales and have a swim. Wade and swim and splash your way down the river, past the camp ground. Go as far as you like and observe the town from the water. Walk back to the Dales, or see if you have the muscle to make it back upstream. When the water levels are high enough we love to go down with a kayak.

7. The Paris end of Derby.

The Mount Paris Dam is a short drive up the back of Derby. Perfect for a picnic or some

fossicking, it’s also a wonder to see the remnants of a magnificent dam being reclaimed by nature.

8. Find some bling!

If you’re a pro, there’s some fantastic spots to fossick for gems. If you’re not a pro, there’s some fantastic spots to fossick for gems. Either way, check out the gem lapidary club in the centre of Derby for info and tours.

9. Swim, little fishy.

We have more swimming spots than you can imagine, and even more little trails to explore as you make your way there. Pack your togs and a picnic, and pick your water hole. We love Cascade Dam. It holds many memories for us, when our parents took us camping there as kids.

10. Hug some trees.

Tasmania is known for its spectacular rainforests, and Derby gives you access to some of the very best. Whether you jump on your bike and ride the local trails, or take a short drive to the Blue Tiers, you will not be disappointed. Why not make a day of it and hunt out Australia’s widest living tree. You’ll need about 15 people to hug its 19.4 metre girth. Drop by the Weldborough pub on your way back for a drink or meal.