2019 Sustainability Award, Architecture & Design

So, this is the magic 13th year of the Sustainability Awards, ever since some bright spark at Architecture & Design magazine decided that starting up a ‘green award’ for the built environment.

This year it was all about function, form and fastidiousness –not something these awards are known for, and so from an original pool of 198 entries, our judging panel whittled that down to a record-breaking 65 finalists – from which the 17 winners were chosen.

This year we did not produce any controversies however what we did is give a Highly Commended award to a solution that was not exactly from the built environment but was at the same time, an amazing piece of technology.

Having said that, the list of winners was not only highly deserved, they were in many ways, highly deserved. And if you don’t believe me, then the judges’ comments should expand your understanding of the actual quality of our 17 winners.
Branko Miletic

Commercial (Small) -Dales of Derby - Philip M Dingemanse

Located in the picturesque region of northeast Tasmania, Australia, Dales of Derby is a place to stay next to the river on the edge of town. An introductory building to the small village of Derby, a gable roof suggests a link to the local mining, timber and farming history, calling to mind utilitarian tin miner accommodation, high country slab hut or tractor shed.

Facilitating single groups of up to 24 people, the building presents a series of varied experiences, perhaps even evokes a certain memorable naivety of fun, friends, kids, and a splash of primary colour, a splash in the river, a fireplace, a social place, a place to remember.

The built form is a singular functional object separated into pieces and strung out across the hill between road and river. Gaps become significant framing moments of eucalypt forest while night-time gable lighting castes a permanent golden hue to greying timber walls; a memory of the raw timber cut, glowing on the outskirts of the township.

Judge’s Comment:

Designed as a base for adventure tourism and harking back to the farming history of the tin shed and the miners’ cottage, the Dales highlights the use of responsible timber, with fun and efficient lightweight design. With Solar PV and onsite waste treatment, this development will provide low impact accommodation for those travellers coming to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings.

From the team at the Dales: Well done to all finalists for such a wonderful bunch of inspiring and truly talented designs, and congrats to all the other category winners! To read more about the other category winners and their entries in this years sustainability awards read here.

And thank you offcourse to Phil for such a wonderful job.