Young riders

As a group leader the Dales was an amazing place to bring a group of young riders and a great place to eat, sleep and hang out socially. The living area was spacious, warm and comfortable with a boutique alpine ski lodge/café vibe enhanced to an amazing level by the luxurious kitchen and beautiful wood fire place. Sleeping Arrangements catered for both couples and singles and kids comfortably with great levels of privacy. Rooms were warm, exceptionally clean and had adequate space for storage of clothes and personal belongings. I loved the outlook over the river, the beautiful green lawns, the parking spaces, the bike storage and bike cleaning station. Everything has been thought of. The aesthetic is calming, welcoming and expansive. What a great place to stay. Minutes from the trail heads and local cafes and restaurants.
Josh Armstrong (teacher)

When we asked the students:

"I love how inclusive the whole place feels. As people come back from rides, they are welcomed by others sitting outside in the sun. Then once it gets cold outside, inside it is toasty from the fire, and everyone can sit on the comfy couch or eat dinner as a group." - Zimri

"At Dales I loved the communal space. The way the lights and fire created an atmosphere of warmth and community made me so keen to come back and spend time hanging with friends. The building was so well designed as everyone was drawn to the main room because of its centrality. The view was absolutely amazing and you didn’t need to sacrifice your warmth for it. The wide windows afforded you a complete view of the river from inside the comfort of the building. In the morning the fog coming off the river and up through the trees looked absolutely magical!" - EJ

"The Dales of Derby is one of the nicest places I’ve stayed. Set by a stream and only a short ride from the bike trails, it is modern, clean and tidy, and feels luxurious. It is great for group accommodation, fit with all the practicalities – even down to charging points at each bunk bed and a space at the end of each bunk for your things. The common area is amazing – it feels homely and comfortable, with lots of space, great views and the awesome wood heater that keeps the place warm. Highly recommend." - Esther Brown

"The Dales was a great place to stay because of the view of the river and how spacious the living space was and it also had a great wood fire where you could sit around and fun playing games & reading books." - Josh P