Find your Feet

We just wanted to thank you so much for hosting us at Dales of Derby recently. We stayed at the property with 18 guests from around Tasmania, all eager trail runners there to learn and practice new trail running tips and tricks. The Dales proved to be the most wonderful Base Camp for all our wilder adventuring. We absolutely loved the large communal area where we hosted many talks, discussions and shared meals. The guest rooms were ideal too. The spacious bunking arrangement and double rooms for couples allowed everyone to get ample sleep and recuperation before the next days' adventures. We were amazed at how well equipped the kitchen was, making catering for this large group super easy. The living area with its fireplace and vast library was a huge hit with the guests who enjoyed putting their feet up between sessions. And those with more energy went swimming in the river or walked into town to plunge into the lake and enjoy the local hospitality.

"Thank you again for hosting our inaugural Find Your Feet Trail Running Academy and we cannot wait to return in 2021!"
Hanny Allston, Find Your Feet

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