Setting post-COVID goals, and a freebie for you

Have you set yourself some goals for when this crazy lockdown, self-isolation, global pandemic bizo is over?

It’s one of those things; we gain a sense of hope and purpose when there is a goal in the future, something to be excited about and keep us chugging forward. And you’re probably already doing it to an extent, perhaps without even realising.

How do you know?

Your sentences will begin like this:

“When iso’s over, the first thing I’m going to do is…”

Or maybe:

“I can’t wait to (hug you - walk to the top of a mountain - eat at our favourite restaurant - throw a huge party - - - ) when this is over.”

Of course, here at Dales of Derby, we’ve taken a hit and we’re hopeful that the community-focus of our accommodation will be more relevant than ever as people look for fun, adventurous and innovative ways to physically join with loved ones. We’ll still be here when you need that special place to reconnect.

For now, let’s dream together!

Here’s a free Instagram story template for you to share your post-COVID goals and invite others to get excited about the future. Put it up in your Instagram story and fill in the blanks.

What adventure will you embark on?

Who will you invite for dinner?

Where will you travel to?

What local business will you support?

And who will you invite to do the same?

Tag away! And don't forget to tag us too!